Sun unleashes a SECOND Monster X class solar flare – strongest in a decade

Watts Up With That?

Earlier this week, on Sept 4th, active sunspot AR2673 hurled a CME toward Earth. Now a second monster sized flare has been released from the same region.

On Sept. 6th at 1202 UT, sunspot AR2673 unleashed a major X9.3-class solar flare–the strongest solar flare in more than a decade. X-rays and UV radiation from the blast ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a strong shortwave radio blackout over Europe, Africa and the Atlantic Ocean (blackout map). The explosion also produced a CME. However, available coronagraph images are not yet sufficient to determine whether or not the CME is Earth-directed.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC). The last X9 flare occurred in 2006 (coming in at X9.0).

A Radiation Storm Warning for 10 MeV protons greater or equal to 10 pfu (S1 or higher) is in effect until 0400 UTC on 7…

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