Climate Change Reconsidered II – by Marty Hertzberg

Climate of Sophistry

This paper published in Energy & Environment is from a colleague I work with in debunking the anti-meritocratic, irrational, and anti-human fraud of climate alarm and its sophistical “greenhouse effect”. The following link opens the pdf paper:

Climate Change Reconsidered II

A few excerpts:

“When the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) was first presented to the scientific community several decades ago, S. Fred Singer was one of the earliest scientists to challenge it. The theory supposed that human emission of CO2 from fossil combustion was causing an increase in the atmospheric CO2 concentration and a concomitant increase in global temperature via the greenhouse effect. In recent decades however, even as the atmospheric CO2 increased, temperatures remained flat, or even decreased slightly. That observation appeared to contradict the AGW theory. In response, the AGW advocates shifted their focus to “climate change”, arguing that human activity was causing “climate disruption” in the form…

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