The EPA CO2 endangerment finding endangers the USA


1. They have failed to show how atmospheric levels of CO2 are harming plants and/or the environment (and I’m not talking about some nebulous, amorphous, possible future climate change they assume will happen and they assume will be harmful; they cannot prove any of that. Moreover, the EPA was not charged with controlling the climate. That is beyond their purview and also beyond the jurisdiction of the U.S. government)
2. They have failed to show how atmospheric levels of CO2 are harmful to human health.
3. They cannot quantify any of their claims.
4. The EPA calls CO2 emissions “carbon pollution” – proving they don’t know anything about science. CO2 is not carbon.
The truth: Atmospheric levels of CO2 are not a health hazard to anyone or anything.
Ergo, atmospheric CO2 cannot be classified as a pollutant.
Lowering CO2 emissions will deprive plants of the CO2 they need to grow.
Crops will not produce as well, and they will also need more water as a result of lower amounts of CO2.

Conclusion: The EPA is no longer “protecting” the environment, they are harming it.

Watts Up With That?

President Trump must reverse EPA’s climate change “Endangerment Finding”

Foreword by Paul Driessen:

The Obama EPA’s infamous “Endangerment Finding” declared that carbon dioxide and methane from fossil fuel operations cause global warming and climate change that pose imminent dangers to the health and wellbeing of every American. In this insightful article, climate history author Dennis Avery explains why this finding is based on bad science and should not be the basis for bureaucratic regulations or court decisions.

As Avery notes, computer climate models have predicted far more warming than has actually occurred in the Real World. Contrary to EPA claims, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts have not become more frequent or severe. Natural forces and phenomena explain the various climate and weather fluctuations we have observed over the centuries – and demonstrate that CO2 is only a “bit player” in determining these changes. Moreover, new research convincingly shows that solar…

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