The Global Temperature Record Is Meaningless Garbage

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Judy Curry simply does not understand the problem with the global temperature record, and how it has been altered.

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The way the temperature record has been altered over time is through station selection and loss of rural stations. It used to look like this, when there were a lot of rural stations being used.

ScreenHunter_7019 Feb. 10 07.52

But eighty percent of GHCN stations have been lost since the 1970’s

all-raw-station-count-ghcn Long Record GHCN Analysis « the Air Vent

Almost all of the remaining long term rural stations are in the US. The rest of the global temperature record has been contaminated by increasing the ratio of urban stations to rural stations.

 ‘ScreenHunter_7018 Feb. 10 07.48Long Record GHCN Analysis « the Air Vent

The only meaningful large area temperature record on the planet is in the US, and it has been massively tampered with.


All recent US warming is due to infilling fake data


Judy is focused…

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