Official Climate Objective to Make Normal Appear Abnormal Continues Through Anthropomorphism

Watts Up With That?

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

I gained a dramatic insight into the practice and dangers of anthropomorphism when I was asked to give a talk prior to a presentation by Jane Goodall, of chimpanzee research fame. I realized why I was invited after I spoke about the importance of trees in the urban environment using Winnipeg, the location of the event, as an example. My role was to extend the event to cover the failure to meet even the minimum expectations of the audience, but there were more severe problems. Ms. Goodall was an unmitigated disaster blatantly using the event to get money to the point where any goodwill was effectively erased. Everybody understood her campaign needs money; it is just the way it was done.

It began as people entered the theatre and were bombarded with the pure commercialism of T-shirt sales and other cheap trinkets. Goodall’s opening comments…

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