Talk at UF on the Climate Wars

Roger Pielke Jr.


I gave a talk today at the University of Florida on my experiences related to my research on extreme weather, which ultimately led to me being investigated by a member of Congress. Thanks to my hosts and the attendees! You can see my slides here in PDF.

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Roger Pielke Jr. describes the politics of unlikely climate scenarios

Watts Up With That?

By Larry Kummer. From the Fabius Maximus website.

Summary: The public policy choices we make about climate policy depend on the future that we expect. Here Roger Pielke Jr. describes an example of how climate scenarios too often misrepresent what we know about our world and its likely futures.

Pielke on Climate” – part 3 of 3.

The Politics of Inconceivable Scenarios.

By Roger Pielke Jr. at The Climate Fix.

Posted with his generous permission.

Lightly edited.


Welcome to issue #7 of my occasional newsletter on climate and energy issues. As a reminder, my day-to-day research or writing is focused on sports governance and various issues of science policy. But I’ve written a fair bit on the topics of climate and energy over the past 25 years, including two recent books and a boatload of academic papers, and I’m paying attention. So caveat lector {reader beware}!…

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