New Ice Age Begins: Ice Chunks Thrown from Wind Turbines Threaten Lives, Smashing Buildings and Passing Trucks


Wind power’s meant to be clean, green and safe as houses, but these things have a habit of hurling deadly chunks of ice at people, family homes and, in one recent case, through the roof of a College in the US: Deadly Cool: Wind Turbine Throws Ice Chunks Into US College

We’d only just reported on the frozen and potentially lethal chunk lobbed at College Students in Gardner, Massachusetts, when yet another report of ice being slung from turbine blades appeared. This time it’s a truck and its driver that turned into a frightening form of renewable ‘targets’.

Turbines temporarily shut down after ice strikes semi
Albert Tribune
Sam Wilmes
23 February 2018

Alliant Energy shut down some of its turbines in Bent Tree Wind Farm after ice from a turbine struck a semi Thursday on Minnesota Highway 13.

The turbines were described by Alliant Energy Spokesman Justin Foss as “select…

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Forget Left/Right Politics, Read This Book

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

SPOTLIGHT: Have you been exposed to a range of viewpoints – or have you been spoon-fed intellectual pablum?

BIG PICTURE: Climate change is complicated. How measurements should be taken, how calculations should be performed, and whether numbers actually mean what people think they mean are all open to debate. Even if everyone agreed that a climate crisis was upon us, there’d still be a wholly legitimate debate about what to do next. There’s always more than one way to respond to a problem.

Threats to humanity’s survival are nothing new. We have a long history of triumphing in dire circumstances. But climate activists don’t merely highlight a concern. They’re selling a particular, pre-ordainedsolution. They’re proselytizing for a profoundly anti-social religion. The gospel of that religion is this: Humans are a selfish, rapacious plague on the planet. Our highest goal should be minimizing our ecological ‘footprint’ – not creating jobs, feeding families…

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Energy And Environmental Newsletter – March 12th 2018