A rebuttal to an ugly amicus brief attack in the #ExxonKnew case

Watts Up With That?

Warren Blair has written to me to suggest that we should publish here the brief by Monckton et al. replying to the vicious personal attacks on them by attorneys for “the people of California”. It would indeed be of interest to readers to see Monckton’s recent reply brief and thus to gain some insight into the relentless, baseless and remarkably well funded campaign of personal ad-hominem assaults on the reputations of so many of us who have dared to question the errors and exaggerations of official climatology.
I asked Christopher Monckton if he wanted to comment. He said:
“It is not often realized how much those of us who dare to question the Party Line are made to suffer, and how much is spent on making us suffer.

“To take one example, in October 2009 I made a speech in St Paul, Minneapolis, revealing in the peroration that the then…

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