What Really Determines Climate and Weather

We simply must continue to keep repeating the truth. I firmly believe this is what's missing in the climate debate. People with a basic understanding of climate cannot fall for man-made CO2 climate change. CO2 doesn't determine climate. Location does. Florida will never have to deal with blizzards. The Midwest doesn't have to worry about … Continue reading What Really Determines Climate and Weather

Wind Turbines Note



No one wants to live in an industrial power generation facility. Industrial fans hurt people, and they do it today and will be doing it for years to come.



A bit of Googling can find many more examples, old and new.

These problems are not new. Not to mention the disrupting and killing of birds and bats.

Oklahoma is about to fritter away $4.5+ billion installing 800 fans in the Pan Handle with 360+ miles of high wires to take the power to Tulsa, then on to MO, LA, AR, and TX. One can call such effort most anything but smart. I expect Wind Catcher to be the last of the large projects completed.

For a telling bit about the lies and exaggerations common with wind, why are they building a 600 MW power line for an installation of 800 2.5 MW fans? (Do the math.)


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