What Really Determines Climate and Weather

We simply must continue to keep repeating the truth. I firmly believe this is what’s missing in the climate debate. People with a basic understanding of climate cannot fall for man-made CO2 climate change.

CO2 doesn’t determine climate.
Location does.

Florida will never have to deal with blizzards.

The Midwest doesn’t have to worry about hurricanes or snow in July.

Hawaii doesn’t have a tropical climate because of its CO2 levels; its climate is due to its location.

(Even NASA admits this.)

How Weather and Climate Work

“There are three big drivers of weather for any place on Earth: the latitude, the local environment, and solar system cycles.

The biggest weather factor is latitude – are you in the torrid, temperate, or frigid zone? These climatic zones are defined by the intensity of heat delivered to Earth’s surface by the sun.”

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