A look at the workings of ‘Climate Propaganda Inc.’

Watts Up With That?

By Larry Kummer. From the Fabius Maximus website.

Summary: Left and Right in America are in thrall to propaganda. Here is the latest in climate doomsterism. This shows how it turns science into propaganda. It does not explain why we love these stories. It does not explain how we can regain our skepticism and desire to see the world clearly. See the end section for those answers.

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Here is the latest in doomster coverage by Chris Mooney in the WaPo…

One of the most worrisome predictions about climate change may be coming true.”

“Two years ago, former NASA climate scientist James Hansen and a number of colleagues laid out a dire scenario in which gigantic pulses of fresh water from melting glaciers could upend the circulation of the oceans, leading to a world of fast-rising seas and even superstorms.

“Hansen’s scenario was based on a computer simulation…

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Reality check: Nunatsiavut wildlife manager says polar bears not starving, public misinformed

Watts Up With That?

Inconvenient rebound in polar bear numbers.

Polar bears not starving, says Nunatsiavut wildlife manager

Geoff Bartlett · CBC News

One of the people who oversees an Indigenous hunt of polar bears says the population is doing well, despite heart-wrenching photos online suggesting some bears are starving.

Every year, the Nunatsiavut government awards polar bear licences to Inuit hunters living in the northern Labrador settlement area.

The Inuit set a quota of 12 polar bears this winter. Nunatsiavut wildlife manager Jim Goudie said all 12 were taken within the first seven days of the season.

Goudie said it’s just the latest evidence that polar bears are on the rebound in northern Canada — a trend he said officials have been recording for years.

“There are lots of signs of bears,” he told CBC Radio’s Labrador Morning. “Lots of bears and a continuation of what we’ve seen over the last three or four years.”

The Nunatsiavut hunt takes place over an area stretching from Cape…

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