MP Heappey Lets Cat Out Of Bag


By Paul Homewood

James Heappey is the Conservative MP for Wells in Somerset. He is also on the Advisory Board for Richard Black’s Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit, the lobby group for renewable energy.

Last month, a debate was held in Westminster Hall to discuss the Helm Report into UK energy policy.

During the debate. Heappey made this astonishing statement:

As some of us have been warning for a while, the made dash to decarbonise can only mean drastically reduced standards of living. Perhaps Heappey might be bold enough to now start telling his constituents the ugly truth of the policies he advocates.

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CLIMATE CHANGE Derangement Syndrome : Science Abandoned For Dogma And Fake News


UK - What impact is climate change having on cricket? | News | Al JazeeraUK: What impact is climate change having on cricket? | News | Al Jazeera

NOT many would deny that we live in a collective age of climate change hysteria where everything and anything is blamed on the miraculous abilities of trace gas ‘carbon dioxide‘. The human variety, of course.

THIS Al Jazeera article demonstrates beautifully how belief and dogma has infected much of the mainstream media and the global warming climate change orthodoxy, where groupthink doctrine insists that man-made climate change is responsible for all weather events, regardless of facts, data, empirical evidence or ‘science’.

THIS particular article also displays a troubling shift in climate change reporting where the narrative has progressed from ‘might climate change be affecting the weather?’, to ‘what impact is climate change having on X (cricket)’. There’s a big difference, with the latter presuming that man-made climate change is now a foregone…

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