Health Impacts of Waterloo Wind Farm


Wind farm amplitude-modulation As the blade passes the tower, low frequency noise and infrasound is generated by turbines and endured by neighbours


In the recent review (not study) of the health impacts of wind farms, the NH&MRC renewed their call for a precautionary approach and emphasised the need for more research. This recommendation echoed their earlier Rapid review, as well as the Senate enquiry in 2011 – that more research was needed as there was a paucity of  high quality studies available.

This most recent review from the NH&MRC  contained only one Australian study – where a farmer’s wife, STT pin-up girl, Mary Morris, put in the hard yards and got something  decent done to survey the residents around the Waterloo Wind farm in South Australia (see our posts here, here and here).

The South Australian EPA promised big, but delivered a pitiful effort in their study of the noise…

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Powerful Nonsense: Even With Mythical Mega-Batteries 100% Renewable Energy Remains 100% Fantasy


No country has ever powered itself entirely on sunshine and breezes. But that doesn’t deter the delusional from claiming it can be done. With the kind of fanatical zeal that led to virgins being thrown into volcanoes, politicians announce their commitment to an all sun and wind powered future, as if such a thing was a given and unicorns were a real thing.

Ignoring pesky phenomena, such as calm weather and sunset, the latest wheeze is that – when wind power output collapses on a total and totally unpredictable basis (see above the output from every wind turbine connected to Australia’s Eastern Grid in June) and/or the sun goes down and solar output plummets with it – giant batteries will, somehow, save the day.

Attempting to defy the laws of physics, nature and economics, a growing number of American politicians are dragging their states and cities down the rabbit hole.

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They Assume We’re All Warming….We Are Not

This is hilarious. I keep telling them it's not global warming. We've had 2 fewer 90 degree days. They are making a grave error here in using only the days over 90 degrees  to determine warming. One needs to know what the temps are doing at the other end of the thermometer. Where is their … Continue reading They Assume We’re All Warming….We Are Not