Health Impacts of Waterloo Wind Farm


Wind farm amplitude-modulation As the blade passes the tower, low frequency noise and infrasound is generated by turbines and endured by neighbours


In the recent review (not study) of the health impacts of wind farms, the NH&MRC renewed their call for a precautionary approach and emphasised the need for more research. This recommendation echoed their earlier Rapid review, as well as the Senate enquiry in 2011 – that more research was needed as there was a paucity of  high quality studies available.

This most recent review from the NH&MRC  contained only one Australian study – where a farmer’s wife, STT pin-up girl, Mary Morris, put in the hard yards and got something  decent done to survey the residents around the Waterloo Wind farm in South Australia (see our posts here, here and here).

The South Australian EPA promised big, but delivered a pitiful effort in their study of the noise…

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