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Apparently team climate fraud got tired of being accused of hiding the inconvenient pre-1979 Arctic sea ice data, which showed a sharp increase in sea ice during the 1970s. 1990 IPCC Report So they simply replaced it with fake data which shows a decrease during the 1970s. ice_minmax_n.png (1613×1148) No surprise there. Making up […] via … Continue reading Making The 1970s Fit The Narrative — Iowa Climate Science Education

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Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York

I have the education, background and experience to independently evaluate the constant drum beat claiming imminent and inevitable climate catastrophe if we don’t immediately reduce our carbon footprint. I am a luke-warmer who believes that the sensitivity of climate to anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions is at the bottom of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change range. At that level, climate catastrophe is a very unlikely possibility and the effect is much more likely to be benign.

Unfortunately it is very frustrating to hold my position because the media, politicians and advocacy groups have convinced many that we have to use renewables as a “solution” to what I think is a non-existent problem. As a result I am always looking for a good summary of the issues that I have with the imminent climate catastrophe narrative. The 2018 Global Warming Policy Foundation Annual Lecture: “Global Warming for the Two Cultures

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