OFF TOPIC: Nathan Phillips says “School chants should be in school”

I find this whole event extremely disturbing…the left has not left Election 2016 behind.

Our liberties are at stake here. There are people actually condemning the kids for wearing MAGA hats…and participating in a Right to Life march – IN A FREE COUNTRY…because it’s too dangerous. But who is making it dangerous? Not the right. It’s the intolerant left.

THIS is what we’ve come to. Freedom of expression for liberals- but not conservatives. Take a look.  Phillips says school chants should be in school. He also said the kids needed “sensitivity training”. His statements lead to a whole lot more questions for the thinking person. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.quotechantsshouldbeleftinschool

What’s worse is that liberals are now defending the idea that standing still with a smile on one’s face with arms behind one’s back is an aggressive thing to do, while banging a drum just inches away from a stranger’s face is a way to “defuse” a volatile situation. This is a load of postmodern leftist liberal hogwash. When strangers get closer than 4′, they are invading others’ personal space. Phillips said that he thinks the kids need “cultural education of some kind”, but again, he has it backwards. It’s Phillips that needs some cultural education.


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Definition of “In theatre”:

“A theatre of war or other conflict is the area or region in which the war or conflict is happening.”

Definition of “Section 8”:

The term Section 8 refers to a former category of discharge from the United States military, that of a member judged mentally unfit for service. It also came to mean any service member given such a discharge or behaving as if deserving such a discharge, as in the expression, “he’s a Section 8”.