Coldest October-April In The US In Over A Century

Green Jihad

The exact opposite of forecasts from NOAA, the past seven months had the coldest October-April afternoons in the US in over a century. It was also the wettest. In this video, Tony Heller shows how many problems this creates for climate alarmists. Thjs video also replaces an earlier version in which he incorrectly stated that it was the coldest on record.

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French Farmers Re-Volt: Cattle Killed by Stray Current Latest Victims of Wind Power Onslaught


Stray current from French wind turbines is killing cattle and their owners are furious. Electricity in the wrong place at the wrong time is a natural born killer. For the best part of a century electricity was generated in an orderly, systematic manner. Over the last decade or so obsession with wind and solar has led to generation chaos, on every level.

Having a field full of 300 tonne monsters, 200m tall with 60m blades, capable of generating 3-5MW, simply isn’t compatible with a whole range of agricultural pursuits. Croppers can no longer use aerial spraying to control pests and weeds, for example.

Horses, nervous creatures at the best of times, find the pulsing cacophony intolerable (see our post here).

But, for French beef farmers, it’s what’s discharged below ground that’s doing the damage to their dwindling herds.

French farmers say their cattle are dying from electricity generated by…

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