Alt-Left Insanity: The Founding Fathers Would Fight Climate Change

Spot on.

PA Pundits International

By Matt Philbin ~

Warning: The items in this column, though weird, surreal, distasteful and kooky, are by no means aberrations. Really. Lefties think like this.

… juft then Jefferfon rode up on his favorite horfe, Priuf, looking quite pleafed with himfelf. “Adamf,” he called, “are you ftill riding that old oat guzzler of yourf?!” Nobody much likef Jefferfon … From the Diary of John Adams

Fun fact: When he wasn’t bedding his slaves, “purchasing” Louisiana and warring against peaceful Muslim trading ships, Thomas Jefferson was a proto-environmentalist. So were the other Founding Male-Identifying Parents. Joe Romm, at ThinkProgress tells us so.

The only thing better than being lectured about Independence day by a liberal is being lectured about Independence Day by liberal who anachronistically insists the Framers shared his obsessions. So Romm’s article is a real treat — hysterical in both senses of the word.

It’s also, of course…

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