Name 4 a Borough that is causing extreme pain to #CRPS #Veteran?

Nobody should have to put up with this. Every effort should be made to prevent this from happening – and especially in this case. I get horrific 4 day migraines – I know what even the slightest noise can do. This is 100% preventable. Allowing it to continue is deliberate torture.

PA Pundits International

they must want to be sued

May 9th I asked Duryea Borough to place a no truck turn around sign at the entrance of this tiny dead-end road. I also begged them to stop backing the garbage trucks up to my home three times a week. They could drive in and then back up with very few black up Alarms. I lived here 17 years, and so many lost trucks drivers have painfully awoken me at 3 or 4 am trying to get their truck turned around in a place they never should be in the first place. I explained their Garbage trucks backing in this distance off of Main ST, with the backup alarms, the sound & vibrations of which was giving me seizures.   I also provided them with the posted painful Hyperacusis article noting that it showed just how the Alarms & vibrations were keeping my head, neck, and whole spine in extreme…

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