100 Days ago The End of the World Was Near

sunshine hours

100 days ago the arctic was so hot (but still 10C below freezing) the world was going to end.

The greenline is normal. The blueline is 0C – freezing.

Not so much now. It is slightly below normal … and has been normal for 75 days.

And it is now suspiciously quiet.

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Spurious Correlations in Climate Science

Cha-am Jamal, Thailand

You know who Charles Darwin is of course but you may not have heard of his mad cousin Francis Galton who did the math for Darwin’s theory of evolution. Two of the many procedures Sir Galton came up with to help him make sense of the data are still used today and are possibly the two most widely used tools in all of statistics. They are ordinary least squares (OLS) linear regression and OLS correlation. [Soon after these amazing mathematical innovations, Sir Galton retired from the evolution business and devoted the rest of his life to making the perfect cup of tea.]

Both of these statistics are measures of a linear relationship between two variables X and Y. The linear regression coefficient B of Y against X is a measure of how much Y changes on average for a unit change in X and the linear correlation R is a…

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Bringing Home The Bacon

This is done at all levels of government and it stinks.

Community Solutions MN

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The Minnesota Legislature had been arguing over a $825 million bonding bill that looked to fund all sorts of great projects all over the state. From pet projects in Brooklyn Park to Minneapolis, Rochester, Duluth, Dayton, Inver Grove Heights, Warroad (and the list goes on and on)… money is being spent like they’re printing it. $122 million was included in affordable housing money. Housing is a local issue, even though the Met Council tries to orchestrate how it looks. A large sum was given to local roads. Money was given to the Met Council to dole out in grants. Where does it end? It doesn’t matter what party is in control. They both spend money like drunken sailors, and that’s an insult to drunken sailors. How do we stop this? Where are the elected representatives with any sense of principles or responsibility to their constituents’ money? Does it even matter…

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When Eruptions Don’t

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Inspired by Richard Keen’s interesting WUWT post on using eclipses to determine the clarity of the atmosphere, I went to the website of the Hawaiian Mauna Loa Observatory. They have some very fascinating datasets. One of them is a measurement of direct solar radiation, minute by minute, since about 1980.

I thought that I could use that dataset to determine the clarity of the atmosphere by looking at the maximum downwelling solar energy on a month by month basis. I’ve described my method of extracting the maximum solar energy from the minute by minute data in the appendix for those interested.

Now, according to Dr. Keen, the air is cleaner now than it’s been in a while:

“Based on the color and brightness of recent eclipses, we can say that Earth’s stratosphere is as clear as it has been in decades. There are very few…

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Scientists Have Found The ‘Missing Link’ From Sunspot Activity To Cosmic Rays-Clouds To Climate Change

CO2 is Life

Cosmic-Rays-Missing-Link-Between-Sun-and-Climate (1)

Hailed as ‘the last piece of the puzzle’ in codifying our understanding of the mechanism(s) that cause climate changes, scientists are increasingly turning to Sun-modulated cosmic ray flux and cloud cover variations as the explanation for decadal- and centennial-scale global warming and cooling. In other words, climate changes are increasingly being attributed to natural variability, not anthropogenic activity.

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We here at CO2isLife have always supported the idea that it is the sun, not CO2 that is driving climate change. The main pieces of evidence we provide is that the oceans are warming. The oceans contain 2,000x the energy of the atmosphere, and satellite temperatures clearly tightly follow ocean cycles like El Niño and La Niña. Therefore to understand climate change, you must understand what warms the oceans. CO2’s only defined mechanism to cause climate change is by thermalizing  13 thru 18µ LWIR radiation…that is the only defined mechanism…

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THE Mind-blowing Costs Of Global Warming Hysteria



WHEN will climate-theory-obsessed politicians and sycophant media finally call off their global warming climate change jihad that’s punishing the poor without helping the planet?

WE were told we’d have more cyclones, not less.

WE were promised “permanent” drought, not record rains.

WE were promised less snow, not more.

WE were promised more “extreme weather”, not less.

WE were promised less crops, not record output.

WE were promised fewer polar bears, not more.

WE were promised more global warming, not a near twenty year warming “pause”.

POWER prices through the roof.

PENSIONERS unable to pay for their heating or cooling.

IT’S time to count the shocking price we’ve paid for listening to global warming scaremongers like Tim Flannery.

SEE now what their panic-making has inspired – global warming schemes that have hurt us infinitely more than any slight global warming could…

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MP Heappey Lets Cat Out Of Bag


By Paul Homewood

James Heappey is the Conservative MP for Wells in Somerset. He is also on the Advisory Board for Richard Black’s Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit, the lobby group for renewable energy.

Last month, a debate was held in Westminster Hall to discuss the Helm Report into UK energy policy.

During the debate. Heappey made this astonishing statement:


As some of us have been warning for a while, the made dash to decarbonise can only mean drastically reduced standards of living. Perhaps Heappey might be bold enough to now start telling his constituents the ugly truth of the policies he advocates.

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CLIMATE CHANGE Derangement Syndrome : Science Abandoned For Dogma And Fake News


UK - What impact is climate change having on cricket? | News | Al JazeeraUK: What impact is climate change having on cricket? | News | Al Jazeera

NOT many would deny that we live in a collective age of climate change hysteria where everything and anything is blamed on the miraculous abilities of trace gas ‘carbon dioxide‘. The human variety, of course.

THIS Al Jazeera article demonstrates beautifully how belief and dogma has infected much of the mainstream media and the global warming climate change orthodoxy, where groupthink doctrine insists that man-made climate change is responsible for all weather events, regardless of facts, data, empirical evidence or ‘science’.

THIS particular article also displays a troubling shift in climate change reporting where the narrative has progressed from ‘might climate change be affecting the weather?’, to ‘what impact is climate change having on X (cricket)’. There’s a big difference, with the latter presuming that man-made climate change is now a foregone…

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New Scientist: Climate Change will be Even Worse than our Worst Worse Case Scenario

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

How much worse can it get?

Worst-case climate change scenario is even worse than we thought

DAILY NEWS 14 May 2018
By Michael Le Page

The phrase “worse than we thought” is a cliché when it comes to climate change. There are lots of studies suggesting we’re in for more warming and worse consequences than thought, and few saying it won’t be as bad. But guess what: it’s worse than we thought.

The RCP8.5 scenario is the worst for the climate. It assumes rapid, unfettered economic growth and rampant burning of fossil fuels.

It now seems RCP8.5 may have underestimated the emissions that would result if we follow the economic path it describes.

Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2168847-worst-case-climate-change-scenario-is-even-worse-than-we-thought/

Stay tuned for the next New Scientist article on climate change, when they shall reveal that climate change will be worse than the even worse than worst…

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