Sorcery Killings, Witch Hunts, & Climate Action

Thongchai Thailand

Crying Meri | Violence against women in Papua New Guinea

  1. The human instinct to identify cause and effect in nature and to manipulate natural forces for his benefit works over a wide spectrum from rational and scientific to religion, superstition, and witchcraft. Weather and climate are significant forces of nature to which man is constantly exposed and which he has overcome somewhat by adapting caves and building homes to shelter him from the weather. However, weather and climate extremes both short term weather change such as storms, temperature extremes, and precipitation extremes, and long term climate change to excessive dryness, excessive wetness, or long term transitions to warmer or colder temperatures.
  2. Neither weather nor climate are stable and predictable but are subjects to the random and chaotic whims of nature. The dependence of man on weather and the impact of adverse weather on man increased sharply after the Neolithic Revolution because man changed from a mobile nomadic lifestyle to a…

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