Climate Fanatic Demands “Regulatory Hell” to Drag Everyone Else into His Misery

Watts Up With That?

William T. Vollmann

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t James Delingpole / Breitbart / Willie Soon – according to climate novelist William T. Vollmann, compulsion and coercion is the only way to convince people to comply with his climate ideals.

“Are we prepared to endure lives with less comfort?”: William T. Vollmann on climate change.

The famous novelist and journalist has a new two-volume tome on climate change.
By Eric Allen Been Apr 19, 2018, 8:40am EDT

“For a long time I was a climate change denier,” says author, journalist, and war correspondent William T. Vollmann. “I didn’t want to be stressed out by something that might someday affect people after I’m dead.”

And yet for Vollmann — a brilliant, idiosyncratic writer whom some have described as a plausible candidate for the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature — the reality of climate change has become a personal…

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Delingpole: Liberals Furious that New Head of NASA Is a Climate Change Skeptic

CO2 is Life

NyeandBridenstine-2017-AP-640x480.jpgNASA’s new Administrator Jim Bridenstine is a climate change skeptic – and naturally the usual suspects are furious.

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Japan’s Mount Io erupts for the first time in 250 years

Watts Up With That?

From wire reports:

A volcano in southern Japan, Mount Io, erupted for the first time since 1768 on Thursday, spewing steam and ash 400 meters (1,300 feet) into the air. Video follows.

Authorities warned locals not to approach the mountain. A warning area has been issued within 3km of the volcano due to large flying volcanic rocks and pyroclastic flows.

“There is a possibility that the mountain will become more active,” said Makoto Saito, an official from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), confirming the eruption, warning that large flying rocks could fall over a two-mile (3 km) radius.

One person has been killed, and authorities have banned access to the peak.

Click for video:

The eruption occurred a few kilometers away from Shinmoedake, which featured in the 1967 James Bond film “You Only Live Twice” and erupted in March.

Japan, with scores of active volcanoes, sits on the so-called Pacific “Ring…

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NASA Gavin Schmidt Searching For the Silurians

Watts Up With That?

Gavin Schmidt and a Silurian

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Would it be possible to distinguish the fall of a pre-human civilisation destroyed by industrial CO2, from a natural climate upheaval?

A New Study Suggests There Could Have Been Intelligent Life on Earth Before Humans

Looking for aliens across deep space is great, but have we looked hard enough in our own terrestrial backyard—here on Earth?

Becky Ferreira
Apr 17 2018, 1:13am

One author of the new study, leading climatologist Gavin Schmidt, wrote a work of fiction to explore its findings. Read ‘Under the Sun’, which we published at Terraform alongside the following piece.

The human yearning to connect with other intelligent life-forms runs deep, and it has become the driving force behind a dazzling range of scientific pursuits. From the SETI Institute’s radio sweeps of the sky, to the discovery of liquid water on neighboring worlds, to the…

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MSM: Eleven Minute Friendly Interview with Climate Skeptic Ian Plimer

Watts Up With That?

Ian Plimer Ian Plimer (source Sky News)

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Sky News, one of Australia’s most popular news services, just gave climate skeptic and geologist Ian Plimer an honest opportunity to explain what is wrong with Australia’s climate obsessed energy policies.

It’s ‘not possible’ to have cheap, reliable energy and reduce emissions

Geologist Ian Plimer told The Outsiders that Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg had caught himself ‘between a rock and a hard place’ when it comes to the government’s energy policies. Mr Plimer said it wasn’t possible for the energy market to provide cheap and reliable energy, but also reduce emissions. It comes after several Liberal backbenchers formed a ginger group to promote the idea of the government subsidising a new coal fired power plant to be build on the existing Hazelwood power station.

Original interview:

A few excerpts from the interview below;

I noticed the interview because it…

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The True Cost of Green Energy: Channel 4 Dispatches

NASA: Previously Unknown Asteroid had a Near Miss with Earth today

Watts Up With That?

We dodged a bullet today. It came within one half of the distance to the moon.

I got this notice in email from NASA about a surprise asteroid that gave us only one day of warning passing halfway between the Earth and the moon.  It was the largest known asteroid to ever pass that close to Earth in observational history.

SURPRISE ASTEROID FLYBY: With little warning, on Sunday, April 15th, a “Tunguska-class” asteroid about the size of a football field flew through the Earth-Moon system. 2018 GE3 was discovered just the day before as it plunged inward from the asteroid belt. A quick-thinking amateur astronomer in Europe was able to record a video of the asteroid as it flew by.

With little warning, a relatively large asteroid flew through the Earth-Moon system on April 15th only 192,200 km (0.5 Lunar Distance) from our planet. 2018 GE3 was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey approaching…

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