So it’s “Kill Climate Deniers” now?

Adam Piggott

Albert E

wait … if they prove me wrong I get to call them deniers? Interesting …

At the end of this month an album will be launched in Canberra of the wildly unperformed play, Kill Climate Deniers. Supposedly a satire of the confrontation between unyielding government and the “irresistible” force of climate change, it stars an all female cast, (of course it does), who do their best to battle it out over the fate of the earth.

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South Australia’s Lessons for the World: Subsidised Wind Power The Fastest Route to Social & Economic Disaster


judith sloan2

Judith Sloan: lays out a lesson on avoiding economic & social disaster.


In a week when the mainstream media have been (finally) laying out the catastrophic results of South Australia’s ludicrous attempt to power itself on sunshine and breezes, it would be rude not to include this cracking article penned by The Australian’s top-flight economics editor, Judith Sloan.

Judith’s work has graced the pages of STT once or twice before, as here: LRET “Stealth Tax” to Cost Australian Power Punters $30 BILLION

And, no doubt, with renewed interest in South Australia’s unfolding energy debacle, Judith will have plenty more to say on the issue.  Here’s Judith.

Energy price reveals folly of renewables
The Australian
Judith Sloan
19 July 2016

It is unusual for any story related to South Australia to appear on the front page of this newspaper. But when wholesale electricity prices in that state reached more than…

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Robert Bryce: New York’s Wind Power-Play Smacks Into Reality


andrew cuomo

New York State’s Governor is grappling with a confirmed case of ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’, the obvious signs of which are that he’s hell-bent on following the path set by the Germans and South Australians on the road to economic and social disaster.

However, unlike the lunatics in charge of those energy calamities, before he has even got started, Cuomo has been smacked in the face with the reality of what comes with an unreliable and intermittent power source, that was abandoned centuries ago, for pretty obvious reasons:

May 2015 National

Andrew Cuomo’s plans to carpet the upper reaches of his state with these things, has been called out by the New York Independent System Operator, the agency charged with managing the state’s grid, pointing out the bleeding obvious: these things don’t work.

Here’s Robert Bryce detailing the stoush between Cuomo and his ‘moonbeam and pixie dust’ crowd, and the ‘spoilsports’ who actually know how…

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The futility of trying to limit CO2 emissions

Digging in the Clay

Could controlling the output of Man-made CO2 make a significant difference to Global Temperature? Guest post by EDMH

Update: Ed emailed this week with updates to this information.  Here they are as downloads: Word document CO2 Greenhouse calcs (10 pages); Powerpoint presentation:  Co2 calcs 4-11 v (51 slides). Verity Jones (29th April 2011).

In 2005 Bjorn Lomborg, (the sceptical environmentalist) now much vilified by his by his previous Green colleagues, said:

“Even if everyone (including the United States) applied the Kyoto rules and stuck to them throughout the century, the change would be almost immeasurable, postponing warming for a mere six years in 2100 while costing at least $150 billion a year.”[1]

There are QUESTIONS to be asked:

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The Democrat’s foolish War on Climate

Climate Etc.

by David Wojick

The party platform adopted at the Democratic National Convention, on page 45, calls for a national mobilization on the scale of World War II. What enemy deserves the wrath endured by Hirohito and Hitler? Climate change! Democrats want to declare a war on climate.

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Donald Trump Speech (With Transcript): “The Decisive Moment”…

Scientific American: “Denial” Helps Us Cope with Our Collective Climate Grief

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Scientific American thinks we are all so worried about climate change, our minds have snapped – that we’ve all turned to “climate denial” as a coping mechanism.

Are We Feeling Collective Grief Over Climate Change?

The idea is highly controversial, but at least one psychiatrist is convinced that we are, whether we know it or not.

In 1977, I was in middle school in Michigan, and a science teacher shared a tidbit off-curriculum. Some scientists had postulated that as a result of “pollution,” heat-trapping gasses might one day lead to a warming planet. Dubbed “the greenhouse effect,” the image was clear in my 12-year old mind: people enclosed in a glass structure, heating up like tomatoes coaxed to ripen. It was an interesting concept, but something in the very, very distant future.

Fast-forward ~ 30 years later. The year was 2006, my daughter was three…

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