Justin Gillis, NYT’s Climate Alarmist-In-Chief, Finds Another Dubious Warming ‘Record’

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claywaterspicture-5-1426558377By Clay Waters ~

Thursday’s New York Times featured more politicized environmentalist doom-mongering from Justin Gillis, the paper’s chief alarmist, in “2015 Likely to Be Hottest Year on Record.” That’s based on temperatures in September 2015.

Gillis has made a habit of establishing “historic” warming levels and pollution records that turn out to be rather less than they initially appear.

A nine-month temperature reading wouldn’t seem the most compelling news hook, but that didn’t stop Gillis from going above and beyond the stats to work in all his usual alarmist environmental and anti-“denialist” political points, even suggesting that “civil wars” may break out in tropical countries because of global warming, while dismissing the inconvenient truth that temperature growth has stalled since 1998. Gillis’s story was unabashedly politicized from the start:

Justin_Gillis2_1Global temperatures are running far above last year’s record-setting level, all but guaranteeing that 2015 will be the…

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