Wind Turbine Rollout Turns Californian Desert from Dream to Nightmare


Wind_Turbine_farm_California_desert_iStock_000015914353Small_final California ‘Dreamin’ turns nightmare …


Stop ruining our priceless desert in the name of the big ‘E’
The Bakersfield Californian
Girard Fisher
1 March 2016

Ever been to Nipton? It’s a whistle stop on the northern edge of the Mojave National Preserve. It’s as far west of the California state line as nearby Primm, Nev., is east. In other words, practically on it.

That’s where we ran into a couple of scar-faced, bloodied young men who looked to be stranded in the desert. Also some fellow actors, a screen-writer, and the director. All were gathering to shoot the pilot for a TV series revolving around a drug dealing plot that sounds suspiciously like “Breaking Bad.” While we waited for the extras to show, our talk drifted from the pilot to the Preserve.

One of the blood-oozers exulted, “And they are shutting down the mines!”— a reference to the federal…

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